About TheRaccoonery


I first got the idea for TheRaccoonery in the run-up to Christmas 2012. I had decided to knit a hat for every person on our family Christmas list. Since my husband comes from a large family, it was quite the undertaking: more than thirty hats! So I found myself making hats every day from about October through January, and I found myself really having a wonderful time. Then, I thought, “Why can’t I do this all the time?” I had graduated from law school a couple of years earlier, but it had been a long time since I really felt like it was something that fit for me. I felt and thought much better with my hands busy. I thought and planned and prepared, and with lots of help from friends and family, I launched TheRaccoonery in March 2013 on Etsy.com. I gave it that name because creating things I love makes me feel like the smartest raccoon I know!

The experience was far more rewarding that anything I could have imagined. I became a part of people’s Christmas parties when I sent them a soft knitted hat, and I became a part of their weddings when I sent them matching earrings for their bridesmaids. I wanted to go further and do more! I had been blogging on this site since I opened the store, and I knew the time had come to open my own storefront here. In April 2014, I began selling my art right here on TheRaccoonery.com.

Currently, this site only sells and ships within the US. I’m working on changing that ASAP, but for now, if you are an international customer, please visit TheRaccoonery on Etsy.

I love this shop and the things that I put in it so much, and I hope that you feel that love when you come here.

Every life should be free to have a little color and a little sparkle in it, don’t you think?