New home, new garden

We’ve just gone from having a HUGE yard, to having a very cozy little back porch. Much though I will miss my morning glories, it’s a very welcome change. I was growing to resent the amount of money spent on keeping the grass (and weeds) mown versus the amount of time Lil’ Bit spent out […]


Getting settled in

I moved my little family at the end of May/beginning of June. While it is always hard and always a hassle to move, I do love the opportunities it provides for starting over. It’s a wonderful chance to start new habits and routines, to change up your decor, and to have new adventures. It’s even […]


From my home to yours: Peanut butter chocolate oatmeal

One of the most important routines/rituals/decisions I have is morning oatmeal. Not just breakfast. Oatmeal. When I can manage to scrape together the presence of mind to make the good oatmeal decision, then I’ve set myself up for a day full of mindfulness. That’s just how it works out for me. I don’t have a […]