Blue marbled earrings



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These blue marbled earrings are accented by gold and white swirls.

The blue is a deep ultramarine with little bits of shimmer from the metallic gold accents. They are small, measuring about 1 cm in diameter. They are on stud posts and are perfect for women who prefer a small stud earring without sacrificing stunning color and design elements.

  • READY TO SHIP, you will receive the exact pair of earrings in the picture
  • Earrings are about 1 cm in diameter
  • Lightweight
  • Not waterproof – Do not submerge. These earrings can withstand a walk in the rain, but not an extended dunk in the bathtub or pool
  • DO NOT ALLOW TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH RUBBING ALCOHOL. Alcohol is what polymer clay artists use to clean their tools, and it WILL dissolve these earrings.
  • Not nickel free BUT I am more than happy to make you a pair that is at no extra cost! Send me a message or a custom order request, and I’ll make it perfect for you!

I love this color scheme! I used ultramarine blue, bright white, and shimmering metallic gold polymer clay to create a design that reminded me of celestial art depicting the moon and stars. I glazed them so that they would shine and feel slick and smooth. Then, I secured them to the earring posts with an individual adhesive designed for use on plastics (which is what polymer clay is) and metals.

Made by Stephanie’s hands, and ships from Houston, Texas.

Please do not hesitate to contact me about special colors, sizes, or materials! I am more than happy to create a custom item just for you!

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