Dala dinosaur – tyrannosaurus rex 5 x 7



This print is made from a digital painting in bright, cheerful colors. Perfect for moms and toddlers alike.

* 5 x 7
* Archival ink on matte photo paper
* Modeled on traditional Swedish Dala horse
* Ready to ship

So, we are in a very dinosaur stage at our house right now.  I mean very dinosaur.  We watch The Land Before Time at least once a day–thrice on rough days. Of course, just because your life is awash in plastic and animated lizards doesn’t mean it can’t look nice.  So the theory goes, and that’s what I’m aiming for with the Dala Dinosaur set of prints.

I painted this dinosaur digitally in three or four hours, and my two year old son LOVES him. The piece delivers dinosaurs to young paleontologists and modern taste to the adults in the house.

All images copyright Stephanie Puckett.

**Please see additional listings for 8×10″ sizes***

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