Matte sunset nautilus shell ring



This sunset nautilus shell ring sits on an adjustable band. The outside of the shell is a fiery red and orange while the inside of the shell exposed by the grooves are a shimmering golden color.

• MADE TO ORDER – I try to make each ring look as much like the picture as possible, but some natural variations do occur
• Adjustable
• Nautilus shell is about 4 cm across, and sits about 1.25 cm tall
• Matte finish
• Water resistant, NOT waterproof – Do not submerge. Over time, prolonged contact with water may damage it.
• DO NOT ALLOW TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH RUBBING ALCOHOL. Alcohol is what polymer clay artists use to clean their tools, and it WILL dissolve this ring.
• Not nickel free
• Ships from Houston, Texas, within 3-5 business days via priority mail for a flat rate of $5.50 (for rates outside the US, please scroll up and click on the tab labeled “Shipping and Policies”)

I sculpted the shell by hand from polymer clay and baked it to solidity. Each swirl of color, each curve, and each cut in the shell were made by my two hands.

TheRaccoonery offers colorful handmade art and accessories. We put a lot of love into our items, and we hope you feel that when you see them.

Every life should be free to have a little color and a little sparkle in it, don’t you think?

Please do not hesitate to contact me about special colors, sizes, or materials! I am more than happy to create a custom item just for you!

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