Navy and marigold colorblocked fingerless gloves with teal



These navy and marigold colorblocked fingerless gloves are made from soft, acrylic yarn with simple ribbing detail. They are wool-free and designed to fit an average woman’s hands. They cover from just over the middle knuckles to about midway up the forearm – little over 10 inches when laid flat, and about 9 inches when worn. They are lightweight, and can be machine washed in a pinch (though it is best to wash them by hand.)

I knitted these striped fingerless gloves in a smoke-free environment and with the assistance of two cats. The pattern is of my own design.

I am loving the combination of dark teal, navy, and marigold. PERFECT for a southern winter or an autumn anywhere else. Especially if you find yourself playing an instrument outside. Need your fingers but need them warm? Boom. These are for you. Coming soon? The hat that matches! Support your friends, neighbors, town, and country:

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Each pair ships with a handwritten thank you note featuring original art from the owner of TheRaccoonery.

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